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Keep your pool water clean and safe to ensure perfect hygiene and sanitation. Take advantage of the pool sanitation services from A.M.E. Enterprises, LLC for timely maintenance and servicing of your property's pool. Take the FREE water test to check your pool's chlorine level and pH level or to check whether it needs any water treatment. Call us at 517-263-4642 to schedule an appointment.

Visit our store to buy from a wide range of pool chemicals available with us. We also sell all kinds of electric motors.

Pool chemical sales

Ensure hygiene with professional pool sanitation services

Complete pool maintenance services

  • Maintenance for opening and closing

  • Pump repair

  • Water filter repair

  • Pool chemical sales

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Whether you have a new pool on your property or just serviced the old one, get the water tested for FREE to make sure that the water condition is perfect for use.

With over two decades of experience in the business, our priority is to value your satisfaction.

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